Ludum Dare – Room Escape game

There was a Ludum Dare gamejam this weekend, the theme was ‘One Room’ so I ended up making a room escape game.

Ludum Dare page

You can get the game and all the instructions here:

I’m pretty happy with it, I got four major puzzles completed (not counting things like “open cupboard” “find key”… major things like opening the safe etc.)
If I had had more time, I would probably have spent it on sounds and some extra items to distract you.
The slight Christmassy theme was the last thing I added, if I had planned more I’d possibly have made that more of a central focus to all the puzzles.

Anyway, was fun to make. It’s been a while since I’ve entered a Ludum Dare event and I’ve missed it 😀

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A Nameless Inheritance

Finally here!

Upon your parents’ passing you discover that they kept an inheritance from you, a property in Scotland that belonged to your grandfather. Curious as to why this was hid from you, and also of what value the property might have, you head off to investigate the estate…

A Nameless Inheritance is a 2D survival horror game inspired by Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Flashback, works of the Cthulhu Mythos, particularly those of Robert E Howard, H P Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith.

Explore a mysterious mansion and unlock the secrets it hides. Solve a large variety of puzzles, survive against a myriad of monstrosities, piece together the story behind your inheritance…

You can purchase the soundtrack by Mark J Hadley here – Soundtrack

Get the game for free here:

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Powerpuff Character Creator 0.4

Again! Failing to update this site! I pay money for this thing, you’d think I would take better care of it.

I’ve been updating the Powerpuff Character Creator. Includes some new costumes and things.

Vegeta Powerpuff

New version of PPG: Character Creator – Download

As you can see above, there is a new option at the top for flying around Townsville, make sure you save your character before clicking on this because it will take you to a new screen where you can select up to three characters, basically just to fly around Mojo’s Observatory. Once two characters are selected, you can hit confirm and it will load up Mojo’s Observatory. The first character you select will be player controlled, the others AI that will just follow you around. There’s no real gameplay right now, just flying around with your character for now.

The controls should be (at least on an xbox controller):
LT = fly down
RT = fly up
Left analogue = Move around
Right analogue = Control camera
D-Pad = A different animation for each direction (4 total)
A = Dash (consumes stamina that rebuilds when you stop dashing) (this might change to X for some reason!?!?)

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Powerpuff Character Creator

I released a couple updates since my last post, and I’ve made a video about the game D:

The major updates are that it now uses icons for the menus instead of text based options, added the ability to save screenshots automatically, added toon shaders, and a whole bunch of components to make your OC with 😀

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Powerpuff Girls: Character Creator released

Download: PPG Character Creator

I created a Powerpuff Girls Character Creator. There’s no game attached just a “dress up game” kind of thing. The page for it is here where you can get more information!

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Div-arena games are back!?!

So the old games I made in Div-Arena have been uploaded and ported by MikeDX to and Div-Arena! I updated the Older games page to link to this.
Much nostalgia! I think I was still in high school when I made these? Maybe… I am bad at dates.

Obviously not just my games, lots of other old classic DIV games have been ported. It was a while ago that I was in this community but I do recall a couple of things…

Bert the Barbarian was a claymation game that was really impressive! No one makes games out of clay these days 😛
I also recall a cool megaman style game, Skull, but it doesn’t seem to have been ported (yet?)
And look at some awesome remakes! Remakes!!!

Additionally a Fuseki Games has ported Big Rocks in Space to a dreamcast iso?! Big Rocks!
Big Rocks in Space was an Asteroids game with an upgrade system. Buy faster engines/better weapons etc.

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Progress is being made on this un-named puzzle game I’ve been working on.

I have a dialogue system, an inventory system, and a system where you can look at photographs someone put on your phone to get clues to the puzzles… in the final version the camera will zoom in closer than this so you can see things better of course.

Unrelated to that I made a 3D Powerpuff Girls render – link! =D

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A whole year?

I went a whole year without posting anything? Oh god I suck at keeping this updated D:

Soooo updates.
A Nameless Inheritance is still a project that is happening, the game is currently in the hands of people who are playtesting it, and based on their feedback… that will determine how much work I still have to do on the game 😛 Large game, so that could take a while for people to get through.

Ludum Dare – forgot to post, but I did enter the last Ludum Dare, kind of – I provided the artwork for Nightlight which Parsec created in Unity. It did really well in the mood theme and you can download it from that link!

And aside from that I have spent a lot of time prototyping some other game ideas, none of which has really reached far enough along for me to want to post here… but I guess it would actually be better to post screenshots of unfinished prototype ideas than… well, nothing, which is what I’ve been posting lately 😛
For the most part lately I’ve been working on a third person camera system and a puzzle/exploration game that I’m feeling pretty good about.
Here’s an early screenshot of the first puzzle I made, a kind of Indiana Jones style stepping puzzle (graphics will change of course):

I’ve got about a half dozen puzzles coded, and a bunch more are planned out. I’ll try to be better at posting progress on this thing whether it comes to completion or otherwise 😛

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LD31 – Deicide

I made a game for Ludum Dare 31 – I call it Deicide. You must kill three gods and their six guardians.
Here is a video, though it spoils how to kill the bosses so if you want to play, check out the download link below!

Deicide: Link

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Space Gate Command

Ludum Dare was last weekend, I didn’t have time to make a game in 48 hours, but I created a X-com inspired Stargate SG-1 fangame for the 72 hour jam – Space Gate Command!

It’s a base management sim game, where you manage soldiers, researchers, equipment, inventory… and then activate the space gate to send your soldiers off world where they will battle in a turn based tactical RPG style battle system to steal some of their tech, which you can then research, and sell for profit to keep your base running :)
Had to cut some things that I wanted in the game, and there is no end goal, but it’s playable and stuff. Download in the link above!

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