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Progress is being made on this un-named puzzle game I’ve been working on. I have a dialogue system, an inventory system, and a system where you can look at photographs someone put on your phone to get clues to the … Continue reading

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A whole year?

I went a whole year without posting anything? Oh god I suck at keeping this updated D: Soooo updates. A Nameless Inheritance is still a project that is happening, the game is currently in the hands of people who are … Continue reading

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LD31 – Deicide

I made a game for Ludum Dare 31 – I call it Deicide. You must kill three gods and their six guardians. Here is a video, though it spoils how to kill the bosses so if you want to play, … Continue reading

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Space Gate Command

Ludum Dare was last weekend, I didn’t have time to make a game in 48 hours, but I created a X-com inspired Stargate SG-1 fangame for the 72 hour jam – Space Gate Command! It’s a base management sim game, … Continue reading

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A Nameless Inheritance

Hey, I made a demo of A Nameless Inheritance. You can check it out: here

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LD29 – Nereids’ Sea Video

Made a little video of my Ludum Dare entry. It is just gameplay footage, no narration like I normally do.

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Ludum Dare 29 – Nereids’ Sea

There was a 48 hour gamedev challenge last weekend, the theme was ‘Beneath the Surface’. I took the opportunity to do some more Unity practice and made a simple horror-ish game about looking for a treasure in a sea full … Continue reading

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Mini Ludum Dare – Demakes

Long time no post D: There was a mini-Ludum Dare game jam last weekend, the theme for the jam was ‘Demakes’ so I tried to make a demake of an old classic – Tomb Raider. I started a day or … Continue reading

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Still alive

I haven’t updated since the last Ludum Dare? geez… and the next one is coming up this weekend. Sorry D: Speaking of which, check this awesomeness out: Ludum Dare deals! Special offers to help you make awesome games, I just … Continue reading

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Ludum Dare 27 – I’ll give you a head start

There was a Ludum Dare at the weekend, the theme was ’10 seconds’ – my entry isn’t the best at fitting the theme, but it’s the first good idea I had that fit. You play as a teenage girl exploring … Continue reading

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