Ludum Dare 25 – Blight on Happy Land

Ludum Dare 25 happened! The theme was “YOU ARE THE VILLAIN!”
Which made me think of a Mario game where you play as Bowser, and have to manage the castle traps and monsters to prevent an AI mario from rescuing the princess… but they always say throw out your first idea because it is everybody else’s first idea. Looking forward to playing that game by someone else! 😛

Second thought was a bank heist, but it would have to be a puzzle game, with several unique puzzles… which I think would be pretty hard to do.

So, instead I used the challenge as a learning opportunity, dusted off Unity and Blender, and made a cute little platform game:

The goal of each of the six levels is to destroy all of the grass tiles to destroy the happy little worlds that are inhabited by giant headed goats, puppies and bunnies. Walk over them, and they fall away, making the level more dangerous as you play. It’s a pretty simple idea, explored many times in many other games, but it was a good learning experience. And it makes me want to work on learning Unity more, I might get back into that survival thing I was working on a while ago…

Ludum Dare page: Ludum Dare page

(post compo bug fix version:)
Windows download link: Download
Play in your browser (requires Unity plugin): Web Player

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