MLP: Everfree Roguelike – playable

The MLP: FiM Roguelike I have been working on is in a playable state, I’m not going to say it’s complete because there are certainly a lot of things I could add to the game, like way more monsters, way more random map events, more biome types, possibly more playable characters and so forth… but there’s little point in doing any of that unless there is interest in the game. But there is a lot of random content anyway, you’re unlikely to see all the special items and things in one play-through. The game was made as a challenge to myself in terms of making decent randomly generated maps, and I think in that sense it’s complete and successful – if people want me to continue with the game and add more content, then that’s great too, and I can do that 🙂

Download: Link

The game is a very basic roguelike, you move with the arrow keys – walk into things to interact with them (ie: attack monsters, talk to friendly creatures, open chests), shift + arrow keys to swap places with a friendly creatire, (G) grabs items on the ground (I) opens inventory (S) opens skill menu (X) opens skill upgrade menu – you get skill points when you level up (D) drops item (from inventory menu) (D) uses item (from inventory menu) (E) equips/unequips clothes/weapons (from inventory menu) (SPACE) is used to confirm options when in dialogue or using a skill etc. and is used to skip a turn otherwise (C) is used to cancel buying, selling or cooking. The exit of each forest area is somewhere near the top. Just keep going north until you get the flower and win! Like most roguelikes, the game will save your progress as you go, but if you die, your save is deleted, good luck 😀

Don’t stand around in swamps, you will sink
Ponies can’t swim forever, they will drown
Sweet foods heal only HP, savoury foods heal mostly MP but also a little HP
The more ingredients that go into a recipe, the more HP and/or MP it will restore
Foods you cook yourself heal much more than food you find lying around
After you eat you will have to wait for your stomach to settle before eating again
Your friendship meter shows how social you are, try to keep it high by talking to NPCs as you get a stat bonus when it is high and a stat penalty when it is very low

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