MLP Roguelike v0.4

Same download as before: download

So I’ve been continuing work on the MLP Roguelike, version 0.4 is now up, although the numbering is pretty arbitrary as I don’t really know what would make the game a v1… but anyway, the following changes have been made to the game:

>Difficulty setting
When you start a new game, you can choose easy, normal or hard mode. Normal is the same as the previous version, easy is the same difficulty of monsters, but the game won’t delete your save. The game autosaves when you go between any two rooms or press escape. Hard mode is the same as normal, but with tougher enemies.

>Resolution options
You can now choose to play the game in 800×600 mode. This isn’t ideal, as in this mode you can’t see the whole map at once, and the inventory screen isn’t always visible, but if you aren’t able to play the game in the default resolution, then this option is available.

>Mouse over inventory
If you hover the mouse over an item in your inventory, you will see a description of that item instead of having to open your inventory and scroll to the item you want to look at.

The spacebar is now used to eat/equip items for convenience instead of having to use U and E.

>New creatures
A few new hostile creatures and an NPC have been added. The NPC doesn’t offer any additional gameplay, I just felt the game needed another NPC to allow you to keep your friendship stat higher as you progress.

>Minor changes
I fixed a couple of bugs and made it so that the magical creatures will appear in the game sooner, previously they didn’t show up until screen 5.

So, that’s it for now. For the next step I was thinking of making each biome area have a boss at the end – so, swamp would be the hydra for example, and I’d just remove the hydra from the normal monster pool and beef him up to be worthy of a boss. I should probably make it so you can also hover the mouse over your skills/stats and equipment too for more information on those… I was also thinking I should add a new biome to add some variety, maybe a jungle.

Your saves won’t be compatible with this version, but your highscores and globaldata.dat should be.

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