MLP Roguelike v0.5

Same download as before! Download

A whole bunch of bugs have been fixed this time, and lots of improvements to various things!

Level Generation
You may have noticed that the exit tree was always in the top-left-most point of the map, and the entrance point was always in the bottom-right-most point of the map, I have changed this so that the exit and entrance can be anywhere on the X axis.
Also, it was incredibly rare, but it was possible to get levels that couldn’t be completed by Rarity (i.e. you would require flight/teleportation etc to get through something), this has been fixed with a bit of code that will check if a level is completable, and if not, will redo the level until it is beatable.

Combat and monster bugs
There was a lot of bugs in the combat and monster levelup system, these have hopefully been fixed. Fixing these bugs made the monsters a lot tougher, so I’ve added some stat bonuses to the player as they level up too (one stat per level, on the seventh level you get an extra skill point, on the eight you get more HP/MP, then back to stats). Hopefully the game is still/better balanced now.

Recipe book
If you press (R) you now open up a recipe book, where you can view any recipes you have learned. You learn recipes either by talking to NPCs or creating them yourself in the cooking pots. The recipe book is saved between play sessions.

Keyboard changes
I forgot to add these to the how-to-play guide on the main menu, but the (C) key to cancel has been applied to more things, like the skill menu etc, you can now use the number keys to activate a skill, you can press (A) or (Z) to sort your inventory (A puts food on top, Z puts weapons on top), you can eat food off the ground using (E), and you now double tap escape to quit (a warning is added to your game log to let you know to press it again to quit)

Mouse stuff
You can now mouse over stats, status effects, equipment and skills to get a description of them. Put your mouse over a tamed or summoned animal to view its HP

Jungle Biome
A new biome has been added – the jungle. This doesn’t make the game longer, but when you start a game, three biomes are picked from the current pool of four.

New Things
A couple new creatures, an NPC and a couple new interactive objects! Added some rocks to the forest decoration to improve the visuals a bit, will add more variety to this later.

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