MLP Roguelike v0.6

Download link same as always: Download

Only one major change this time, but it’s pretty big

Midnight Castle/Discord Mode
This is the only really big change, now when you start a new game, you can choose from three scenarios – the Everfree Forest (the main game), Midnight Castle (venture into a castle and go up floors to fight Tirek and free your friends!) and Discord Mode (every room is a random forest biome or castle, and progress is one-way through portals that can be anywhere on the map! So once you step into the next area, you can’t retreat!) – don’t expect much difference in the endings =P
The high scores for each scenario are saved separately.

Minor things:
Shift click to avoid stairs etc
You can now hold shift while moving to choose not to enter portals/stairs/log tunnels, this is essential for getting around the castle areas as stairs can generate in narrow corridors.

Some minor level generation bug fixes

Debug mode can be disabled
In the options you can now disable debug mode, when levels are generated, text is printed to the screen so that if it crashes, you can see at what stage the process crashed – in theory that should never happen, so it should be fine to disable it, and disabling it will make level generation a little quicker.

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