Legacy of the Worms updates

So hey, I haven’t made an update on the progress on legacy of the worms in a long while, so here is an update. The game had problems running in 320×240 on modern computers, the game would appear in a corner of the screen and be annoying to play,,so we have changed from coding the game in blitz3D to blitzMax, and have also upped the resolution to 640×480. This is a complete recode really, but it has allowed me to make some very awesome changes to the engine. Blitzmax can do much faster 2D effects than Blitz3D. Also changing the art style, the gif below is a work in progress, but it shows the direction that we will be taking the game in:


This is obviously meaning the game will take a bit longer to come out, but it will be many times better as a result 🙂

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