Last week Ludum Dare had a mini ludum dare challenge – to make an RTS in seven days. Here is my entry 😀
Every level should be beatable as the game stands now, though I haven’t tested “Words” or “The Ocean”, but have tested all the others. There is no level sequence, just a collection of maps. Map editor is included. “The River” is possibly a good one to start on.

Ludum Dare entry page and download

It’s an RTS where you command a village of elves, protecting a magical tree from an invading army of orcs. You have worker units that can gather resources, and combat oriented units to defend or attack. There’s more details on the entry page. The main gimmick or twist of this game, is that how you gather resources has an impact on how the forest treats you. For example, you require wood to create buildings and to purchase certain units, you can send your workers to gather wood slowly, or chop down an entire tree. Chopping the tree is quicker, but if you do too many harmful actions such as this, the forest will send you less magic power, and might even retaliate against you.

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