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I haven’t updated since the last Ludum Dare? geez… and the next one is coming up this weekend. Sorry D:
Speaking of which, check this awesomeness out: Ludum Dare deals! Special offers to help you make awesome games, I just checked out Pixexix by Sophie Houlden and it is the greatest program to ever exist o_o Check out the video on the site – (click) – looks like it is an awesome tool for texturing 3D models, I just messed around with the example models and it is really easy to get working. I might just attempt a 3D game again this time, should go better than my last attempt

Not sure if I will do a Ludum Dare anyway, but I’ll hopefully go into 3D games later so it’s an awesome tool to have when I get around to that. For now I’m working heavily on the horror game previously known as Legacy of the Worms. For various reasons, not just the fact that the game has undergone major changes and improvements since it was first conceived of several years ago, the game is now going to be titled A Nameless Inheritance. I’ll hopefully make a more ‘official’ announcement related to that when I have more to say – maybe when I have a trailer for it or whatever 🙂

Right now, I have 6 things on my to-do list, once they are done, I begin the process of playing through the game over and over, finding bugs and issues, fixing them, repeat. So the game is still a good way off (I fully expect to find a large number of bugs even though I fixed a million last time :P), there’s also the dialogue to be inserted into the game which is unfinished, and testing by people other than me 🙂

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