Mini Ludum Dare – Demakes

Long time no post D:
There was a mini-Ludum Dare game jam last weekend, the theme for the jam was ‘Demakes’ so I tried to make a demake of an old classic – Tomb Raider. I started a day or so before the 48 hour period (but its a mini-LD, the rules are more relaxed, I wouldn’t do this in a regular Ludum Dare).

You can view my entry here.

I was way too ambitious and thought I would get all the Peru stages demade + mansion. Luckily I did consider that this might be absurd, so I started with the best level, The Lost Valley, and it is complete, more or less. Didn’t have time to really polish the graphics so kind of wish I had went with an even simpler look, but ah well. Also I spent more time than necessary on some things that ended up not even being used in this particular level, like the pushable crates aren’t really necessary..

But it should all work, you can get from the start to finish (the Lost Valley part starts after the initial tutorial caves) and there are three super hidden pieces of the Scion to find.

(I’m still working on A Nameless Inheritance (previously named Legacy of the Worms) – have been playing through the game over and over again, finding all the bugs and little ways to improve the game, it’s really becoming awesome)

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