Well, links to all my games are back up as pages.  I think that’s all of them, I could well be… ah yes, I’m forgetting about Peggy and Tool!  Well, I’ll fix that in a second…

The important thing is to put an update here on the progress of games because all previous progress updates have now been lost forever ahahahaha ._.

So, I just released PPG: Puzzlepuff Girls yesterday, you can get a link to info about that game on the right, at the top, or by clicking here! Amazing.

Legacy of the Worms, the survival horror 2D platforming adventuring game that I have been working on for ages is still in progress, just waiting for text to be inserted into the game, then some further testing, then done!  There is a fairly recent update video here.

Additionally, I am currently working on an updated version of We Are Alone, the game I made for one of the Ludum Dare challenges.  There’s more about that in the forums.

Once We Are Alone is done (hopefully in the next week) I intend to spend a lot of time getting back into learning Blender and Unity 🙂

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