A whole year?

I went a whole year without posting anything? Oh god I suck at keeping this updated D:

Soooo updates.
A Nameless Inheritance is still a project that is happening, the game is currently in the hands of people who are playtesting it, and based on their feedback… that will determine how much work I still have to do on the game 😛 Large game, so that could take a while for people to get through.

Ludum Dare – forgot to post, but I did enter the last Ludum Dare, kind of – I provided the artwork for Nightlight which Parsec created in Unity. It did really well in the mood theme and you can download it from that link!

And aside from that I have spent a lot of time prototyping some other game ideas, none of which has really reached far enough along for me to want to post here… but I guess it would actually be better to post screenshots of unfinished prototype ideas than… well, nothing, which is what I’ve been posting lately 😛
For the most part lately I’ve been working on a third person camera system and a puzzle/exploration game that I’m feeling pretty good about.
Here’s an early screenshot of the first puzzle I made, a kind of Indiana Jones style stepping puzzle (graphics will change of course):

I’ve got about a half dozen puzzles coded, and a bunch more are planned out. I’ll try to be better at posting progress on this thing whether it comes to completion or otherwise 😛

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  1. Nicholas Bloxxer says:

    Looks awesome man!

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