Div-arena games are back!?!

So the old games I made in Div-Arena have been uploaded and ported by MikeDX to js.Mikedx.co.uk and Div-Arena! I updated the Older games page to link to this.
Much nostalgia! I think I was still in high school when I made these? Maybe… I am bad at dates.

Obviously not just my games, lots of other old classic DIV games have been ported. It was a while ago that I was in this community but I do recall a couple of things…

Bert the Barbarian was a claymation game that was really impressive! No one makes games out of clay these days 😛
I also recall a cool megaman style game, Skull, but it doesn’t seem to have been ported (yet?)
And look at some awesome remakes! Remakes!!!

Additionally a Fuseki Games has ported Big Rocks in Space to a dreamcast iso?! Big Rocks!
Big Rocks in Space was an Asteroids game with an upgrade system. Buy faster engines/better weapons etc.

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