Ludum Dare 39 – Static Man

Another 48 hour Ludum Dare challenge completed! The theme this time was “Running out of Power” – I created a survive the night style game about a badly rendered monster coming after you to kill you, it can only be slowed down with light, your only hope is to survive until dawn by feeding every piece of fuel you can find into the furnace to keep the lights on and keep the monster at bay!

I had to cut a lot of ideas I had for the monster, it was going to turn on devices as the night went longer, forcing you to run around trying to find and turn off whatever was draining the power, but unfortunately all he does right now is follow you mindlessly, changing his speed according to the time that has passed/whether lights are on in the room. Though there is a lot of furniture, I did want to create a lot more, the paintings are all the same which is unfortunate, but it was an ambitious idea and I got the core gameplay stuff done and working. Huzzah I guess!

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  1. candy says:

    this isnt related to this game, but i just downloaded PPG Z 3 and im running it on windows 10, but whenever i open it, darkbasic pro stops working and the game just never loads???

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