Katey’s Quest

Katey’s Quest

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Katey’s Quest is a puzzle game, based on Lode Runner style games.  Katey finds herself in a magical world filled with puzzles, and to get home Katey will have to collect shards of broken mirror doors to find her way home. It’s very much based on Lode-runner, but with a magical theme to it… Katey can cast a few spells by collecting ingredients into a cauldron, there is a large variety of magical monsters for her to contend with and puzzles by the gallon.

  • 100 levels
  • Lots of puzzles, monsters and even bosses!
  • Secrets to earn
  • Magical!
  • Create your own levels
  • 5 themed words
  • Lots of puzzle blocks and monsters

Music was created by Parsec Productions, who also helped with ideas and such.



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