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Ouroboros was created for The Game Creators 2004 competition. The idea behind the competiton was to create a Snake, Scorched Earth or Operation Wolf remake, with new features and a snazzy new make-over!

  • 43 levels
  • Pyramid, Misc or Classic modes
  • Secrets to win
  • Dozens of puzzle blocks
  • Level Creator
  • Comes with source code

I am very pleased to say, that Ouroboros was marked as one of the top entries in the competition
You can see the review, and download the other great games that were in the competition, over at The Game Creators comp page thing

Unlike the original Snake, this is more of a puzzle game. The levels are made up of many hazards such as spikes, collapsing floors, locked doors and so forth. Some levels also contain enemies, or water which the snake can drown in! The objective of each level, is to eat all of the Golden Scarabs and then eat your tail (because that is what the Ouroboros is – the snake that eats it’s own tail, symbolising the eternal cycle of… stuff).

Music was created by Parsec Productions, who also helped with ideas and such.

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