Old games

Here is a collection of pretty old games, some are unlikely to work on newer machines, some are just terrible, but they are here intact because… something about learning from history, or knowing where you came from or something… or maybe I just don’t like to throw out old junk and just let it pile up forever and ever and ever…

Zelda: Three Treasures

Download: here

Requires Zelda Classic: get here – specifically 2.10, as there may be issues with newer versions etc.

Ganon is up to evil, and as usual it is up to Link to save the day.

This time, Link is required to find the three Sacred Treasures from the temples of Light, Water and Dark. Then he has to face Ganon… but if you’re not yet strong enough after gaining the three Sacred Treasures, you can always search Hyrule for the Trials of the three Goddessess to earn more power.
The game has 4 main dungeons, and several smaller dungeons.

IMPORTANT: How to play
This game was made in Zelda Classic v2.10. You will need to download that to run this game. You can download it here.

  • Once you’ve installed Zelda Classic, unzip Zelda3T to the same folder
  • Run ‘zelda-w.exe’ to start up Zelda Classic. I find it best to run in large window mode
  • Register your name, just like you were playing the original Zelda
  • Click on screen, or press ESC to see options. You can change controls from the options
  • Once you have controls set, press the “A” button (whatever you have that assigned as)
  • Press “A” again on this menu to load a custom quest
  • Browse to “3treasures.qst” and click OK
  • The link icon should now be changed to a better looking Link. Press start
  • The game should now begin! Hoorah!
  • Remember this was made in 3 days, and with virtually no planning. Go easy.

Samurai Girl

Download: here

Samurai Girl is a quick little game I created. It’s a pretty simple platform game concept, you control a girl who can run and jump and hit blocks with her head to get coins and power-ups. You run through three worlds, each with three levels and a boss fight. Pretty standard platformer idea.

The only real twist, is that this is a platform game that you play with the mouse!
By moving the mouse to the left of the character, she will run left – the further left the mouse is, the faster she will run. By moving the mouse to the right fo the character, she will run right – the further right the mouse is, the faster she will run. Left click is used to fire shurikens (if you have picked up any) and right click is used to jump. You can jump on most monsters.



Breath of Fire: RM2K fangame

A breath of fire fangame I made with RPGmaker2K.  You can download it here, though it also requires the RM2K RTP file, which you will have to search for.

As RPG’s go, this one isn’t going to win any awards for plot. But, we do have your standard Breath of Fire setup, a hero called Ryu who learns the way of the Dragon Transformations, a princess called Nina from the winlan tribe… pretty standard stuff. You’re journey sees you running around the world building up your dragon power by visiting the sons of the Dragon Elder so that you can defeat your evil father guy. Hehr…


Download: here

Munchy is a platform game. Based on Hyper Loderunner on game boy. Each level consists of lots of different kinds of blocks. To complete each level, you must collect all the gems that are on screen and then reach the Gate. Blocking your way will be various obstacles, locked doors, spikes, teleporters, monsters and various other hazards. Also a very important feature is the level editor, allowing you to make your own quests!

This is basically a precursor to Katey’s Quest

Pegbrain the Pirate

Download: here

This was a quick little game made in a few days, modelled on some code I made several years ago in Qbasic. It’s pretty simple, no music, no sound effects, just randomly generated logic puzzle thing.

Captain Pegbrain is the worlds stupidest Pirate, he doesn’t use maps. Instead he buries markers under the ground showing how many steps away the treasure is, you have to, in as few digs as possible, use these markers to find the treasure. Simple, like I say… meh enjoy

Old PPG fangames

Download: here

This zip contains all of my old Powerpuff Girls fangames, most of which will not work on anything as new or newer as Windows XP.  Awesome!  The only only one that is likely to still run on modern computers is an early build of the PPG RPG Galactic Unity that I was working on with Parsec – the demo contained herein is the first one or two areas of the game that was never finished.  The other games in here are basic flying shootemups, collecting minigames, a jigsaw… nothing special!

Really old random stuff

Some old junk!

Some shoot-em-ups: download – made in DIV Games Studio, won’t work in windows XP or newer

A pointless card game: download – made in DIV Games Studio, won’t work in windows XP or newer

MikeDX ported and uploaded my old DIV games, and they can now play in a browser!
Big Rocks in Space
Vegetas Wrath 2
Snowboard Z 2
Megaman X: Wreckage
Powerpuff Game

A basic snake game in 3D: download

And a gritty dark remake of Pacman: download Agent Man-Pac, which was just a test of DBpro’s functions.  Run around collect ammo, shoot aliens in tight corridors.



9 Responses to Old games

  1. mclydian says:

    help i cant play PPG RPG Galactic Unity every time i want to play it it dosent go to the game

    • tifu says:

      Without even an error message there is no way I can help =/
      The game is old and unfinished though anyway, so I can’t really fix it or anything.

  2. MikeDX says:

    Div is alive and well, the new version runs on 14 different platforms! See http://div-arena.co.uk. i will port your games and upload them to http://js.mikedx.co.uk 🙂

  3. MikeDX says:

    Here are your DIV Games ported to javascript, android, windows, linux, pandora gcw0
    and raspberry pi. you can play them all online.





    Hope you enjoy them 😉

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