PPG: Puzzlepuff

Powerpuff Girls: Puzzlepuff Girls is done, kind of!

Download: link

Powerpuff Girls: Puzzlepuff Girls.  It’s a platformer puzzle game, where the girls have all lost most of their powers, and through teamwork and punching robots in the face, you must somehow get your powers back and defeat Mojo Jojo.  In the tutorial level, each Powerpuff acquires a unique power (Ice breath, sonic scream, strength) and you must use teamwork and these unique abilities to get through the various areas of Townsville.

I say “kind of” done, because there is no music, and the game doesn’t have the level of polish of some of my other games, but it all works and such, I just need to release this game as is so I can get on to more ambitious and awesome things.  This was only ever supposed to be a small project taking a few months to complete, and due to various things it has been going way longer than planned.

If you encounter windows exception errors, this version might help you out.

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  2. sara says:

    oldz game but still cute

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