Peggy and Tool is a short little puzzle game that took way too long to make!

Download: here

There’s a video of level one here

In this Egyptian themed puzzle, you control Peggy, a small girl with an idiot for a father – he is the world famous explorer Professor Tool, an idiot who has a tendency to walk into all kinds of traps, and has no idea that his daughter is secretly helping him survive these dangerous adventures. Right now he’s exploring a pyramid, and it’s up to Peggy to make sure he gets out alive without being found out herself!

Sonoftzeench helped me come up with the characters’ names, as he pointed out the plot is a kind of Indiana Jones meets Inspector Gadget kind of thing

2 Responses to Peggy&Tool

  1. Nicholas says:

    looks promising… THIS took long to make?! :O

    • tifu says:

      I think it was a few months on and off, as in, I was also working on Legacy of the Worms while making this I think.

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