PPG: Character Creator

Download: PPG Character Creator
Download for Mac: PPG Character Creator Mac
[EDIT] seems there is some issue with the Mac version where it can’t save data if it is ran from the downloads folder, not sure why right now, but running it from the desktop or something seems to make it work fine for now[/EDIT]

So I didn’t really intend for this to be an actual playable thing when I started, I was just working on some code to alter textures in real time (useful applications for many types of games!) but I got carried away with it, so here’s a thing you can play with!?

So there’s no game attached to it, it’s purely a Powerpuff Creator, similar to the BYOF in PPZ3.

One improvement over PPZ3’s system is that components can now have two colours instead of just one. So for example the basic powerpuff dress has its primary colour and the secondary colour for the belt/stripe. Also, there are less preset colours to choose from, but you now have an RGB slider. Just don’t use 255,162,255 or 106,17,106 or it’ll potentially cause weird problems (as those are the colours that get replaced by primary and secondary options).

I have premade slots for all the standard stuff, Powerpuffs (classic and new), Rowdyruffs (old and older?), Powerpunks, Bunny, a not great DyNaMo (will maybe add better stuff for her later). You can save your creations and load them. If you click on the buttons in the top left you can activate little animations, they can react a bit weird to the skirts, but I’m not too sure what to do about that – make the skirt much wider? Give it its own skeleton for each animation!?!

Anyway, yeah, that’s what I have for now, if I work on it further the next step would be to put in components for all the characters from PPZ2 and PPZ3 (the main selectable characters – Blitzy, Bane etc. I’m not intending to redo every costume component from PPZ3, there was a ridiculous amount). The system in PPZ3 of using icons to represent the different clothing options was probably better than this text based choice too so I’ll see if I can implement that back in…

Versions! ———————-
v0.1 – released with components to make Powerpuffs, Rowdyruffs, Powerpunks and some miscelaneous other components
v0.2 – changed text menus to use icons instead, added screenshot and “match” buttons, added miscellaneous components
v0.3 – added camera option for blank backgrounds, toon shaders and miscellaneous components
v0.35 – added a few minor costume additions and brightened the room
v0.4 – more costumes and fly around mode
v0.5 – more costumes and debug textures for fly around mode
v0.6 – pose mode and textured townsville
v0.7 – fusion dance and Mac builds