Progress is being made on this un-named puzzle game I’ve been working on.

I have a dialogue system, an inventory system, and a system where you can look at photographs someone put on your phone to get clues to the puzzles… in the final version the camera will zoom in closer than this so you can see things better of course.

Unrelated to that I made a 3D Powerpuff Girls render – link! =D

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A whole year?

I went a whole year without posting anything? Oh god I suck at keeping this updated D:

Soooo updates.
A Nameless Inheritance is still a project that is happening, the game is currently in the hands of people who are playtesting it, and based on their feedback… that will determine how much work I still have to do on the game 😛 Large game, so that could take a while for people to get through.

Ludum Dare – forgot to post, but I did enter the last Ludum Dare, kind of – I provided the artwork for Nightlight which Parsec created in Unity. It did really well in the mood theme and you can download it from that link!

And aside from that I have spent a lot of time prototyping some other game ideas, none of which has really reached far enough along for me to want to post here… but I guess it would actually be better to post screenshots of unfinished prototype ideas than… well, nothing, which is what I’ve been posting lately 😛
For the most part lately I’ve been working on a third person camera system and a puzzle/exploration game that I’m feeling pretty good about.
Here’s an early screenshot of the first puzzle I made, a kind of Indiana Jones style stepping puzzle (graphics will change of course):

I’ve got about a half dozen puzzles coded, and a bunch more are planned out. I’ll try to be better at posting progress on this thing whether it comes to completion or otherwise 😛

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LD31 – Deicide

I made a game for Ludum Dare 31 – I call it Deicide. You must kill three gods and their six guardians.
Here is a video, though it spoils how to kill the bosses so if you want to play, check out the download link below!

Deicide: Link

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Space Gate Command

Ludum Dare was last weekend, I didn’t have time to make a game in 48 hours, but I created a X-com inspired Stargate SG-1 fangame for the 72 hour jam – Space Gate Command!

It’s a base management sim game, where you manage soldiers, researchers, equipment, inventory… and then activate the space gate to send your soldiers off world where they will battle in a turn based tactical RPG style battle system to steal some of their tech, which you can then research, and sell for profit to keep your base running 🙂
Had to cut some things that I wanted in the game, and there is no end goal, but it’s playable and stuff. Download in the link above!

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A Nameless Inheritance

Hey, I made a demo of A Nameless Inheritance. You can check it out: here

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LD29 – Nereids’ Sea Video

Made a little video of my Ludum Dare entry. It is just gameplay footage, no narration like I normally do.

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Ludum Dare 29 – Nereids’ Sea

There was a 48 hour gamedev challenge last weekend, the theme was ‘Beneath the Surface’. I took the opportunity to do some more Unity practice and made a simple horror-ish game about looking for a treasure in a sea full of monsters.

Check it out: here!

I’ll have a video of it out some time this week I guess.

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Mini Ludum Dare – Demakes

Long time no post D:
There was a mini-Ludum Dare game jam last weekend, the theme for the jam was ‘Demakes’ so I tried to make a demake of an old classic – Tomb Raider. I started a day or so before the 48 hour period (but its a mini-LD, the rules are more relaxed, I wouldn’t do this in a regular Ludum Dare).

You can view my entry here.

I was way too ambitious and thought I would get all the Peru stages demade + mansion. Luckily I did consider that this might be absurd, so I started with the best level, The Lost Valley, and it is complete, more or less. Didn’t have time to really polish the graphics so kind of wish I had went with an even simpler look, but ah well. Also I spent more time than necessary on some things that ended up not even being used in this particular level, like the pushable crates aren’t really necessary..

But it should all work, you can get from the start to finish (the Lost Valley part starts after the initial tutorial caves) and there are three super hidden pieces of the Scion to find.

(I’m still working on A Nameless Inheritance (previously named Legacy of the Worms) – have been playing through the game over and over again, finding all the bugs and little ways to improve the game, it’s really becoming awesome)

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Still alive

I haven’t updated since the last Ludum Dare? geez… and the next one is coming up this weekend. Sorry D:
Speaking of which, check this awesomeness out: Ludum Dare deals! Special offers to help you make awesome games, I just checked out Pixexix by Sophie Houlden and it is the greatest program to ever exist o_o Check out the video on the site – (click) – looks like it is an awesome tool for texturing 3D models, I just messed around with the example models and it is really easy to get working. I might just attempt a 3D game again this time, should go better than my last attempt

Not sure if I will do a Ludum Dare anyway, but I’ll hopefully go into 3D games later so it’s an awesome tool to have when I get around to that. For now I’m working heavily on the horror game previously known as Legacy of the Worms. For various reasons, not just the fact that the game has undergone major changes and improvements since it was first conceived of several years ago, the game is now going to be titled A Nameless Inheritance. I’ll hopefully make a more ‘official’ announcement related to that when I have more to say – maybe when I have a trailer for it or whatever 🙂

Right now, I have 6 things on my to-do list, once they are done, I begin the process of playing through the game over and over, finding bugs and issues, fixing them, repeat. So the game is still a good way off (I fully expect to find a large number of bugs even though I fixed a million last time :P), there’s also the dialogue to be inserted into the game which is unfinished, and testing by people other than me 🙂

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Ludum Dare 27 – I’ll give you a head start

There was a Ludum Dare at the weekend, the theme was ’10 seconds’ – my entry isn’t the best at fitting the theme, but it’s the first good idea I had that fit. You play as a teenage girl exploring an abandoned boarding school in search of Emily, the ghost of a young girl who died there years ago. The ghost wants you to join her in death wooowoooowooo.

The Ludum Dare entry with controls etc is here: link

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