MLP Roguelike v0.6

Download link same as always: Download

Only one major change this time, but it’s pretty big

Midnight Castle/Discord Mode
This is the only really big change, now when you start a new game, you can choose from three scenarios – the Everfree Forest (the main game), Midnight Castle (venture into a castle and go up floors to fight Tirek and free your friends!) and Discord Mode (every room is a random forest biome or castle, and progress is one-way through portals that can be anywhere on the map! So once you step into the next area, you can’t retreat!) – don’t expect much difference in the endings =P
The high scores for each scenario are saved separately.

Minor things:
Shift click to avoid stairs etc
You can now hold shift while moving to choose not to enter portals/stairs/log tunnels, this is essential for getting around the castle areas as stairs can generate in narrow corridors.

Some minor level generation bug fixes

Debug mode can be disabled
In the options you can now disable debug mode, when levels are generated, text is printed to the screen so that if it crashes, you can see at what stage the process crashed – in theory that should never happen, so it should be fine to disable it, and disabling it will make level generation a little quicker.

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MLP Roguelike v0.5

Same download as before! Download

A whole bunch of bugs have been fixed this time, and lots of improvements to various things!

Level Generation
You may have noticed that the exit tree was always in the top-left-most point of the map, and the entrance point was always in the bottom-right-most point of the map, I have changed this so that the exit and entrance can be anywhere on the X axis.
Also, it was incredibly rare, but it was possible to get levels that couldn’t be completed by Rarity (i.e. you would require flight/teleportation etc to get through something), this has been fixed with a bit of code that will check if a level is completable, and if not, will redo the level until it is beatable.

Combat and monster bugs
There was a lot of bugs in the combat and monster levelup system, these have hopefully been fixed. Fixing these bugs made the monsters a lot tougher, so I’ve added some stat bonuses to the player as they level up too (one stat per level, on the seventh level you get an extra skill point, on the eight you get more HP/MP, then back to stats). Hopefully the game is still/better balanced now.

Recipe book
If you press (R) you now open up a recipe book, where you can view any recipes you have learned. You learn recipes either by talking to NPCs or creating them yourself in the cooking pots. The recipe book is saved between play sessions.

Keyboard changes
I forgot to add these to the how-to-play guide on the main menu, but the (C) key to cancel has been applied to more things, like the skill menu etc, you can now use the number keys to activate a skill, you can press (A) or (Z) to sort your inventory (A puts food on top, Z puts weapons on top), you can eat food off the ground using (E), and you now double tap escape to quit (a warning is added to your game log to let you know to press it again to quit)

Mouse stuff
You can now mouse over stats, status effects, equipment and skills to get a description of them. Put your mouse over a tamed or summoned animal to view its HP

Jungle Biome
A new biome has been added – the jungle. This doesn’t make the game longer, but when you start a game, three biomes are picked from the current pool of four.

New Things
A couple new creatures, an NPC and a couple new interactive objects! Added some rocks to the forest decoration to improve the visuals a bit, will add more variety to this later.

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MLP Roguelike v0.4

Same download as before: download

So I’ve been continuing work on the MLP Roguelike, version 0.4 is now up, although the numbering is pretty arbitrary as I don’t really know what would make the game a v1… but anyway, the following changes have been made to the game:

>Difficulty setting
When you start a new game, you can choose easy, normal or hard mode. Normal is the same as the previous version, easy is the same difficulty of monsters, but the game won’t delete your save. The game autosaves when you go between any two rooms or press escape. Hard mode is the same as normal, but with tougher enemies.

>Resolution options
You can now choose to play the game in 800×600 mode. This isn’t ideal, as in this mode you can’t see the whole map at once, and the inventory screen isn’t always visible, but if you aren’t able to play the game in the default resolution, then this option is available.

>Mouse over inventory
If you hover the mouse over an item in your inventory, you will see a description of that item instead of having to open your inventory and scroll to the item you want to look at.

The spacebar is now used to eat/equip items for convenience instead of having to use U and E.

>New creatures
A few new hostile creatures and an NPC have been added. The NPC doesn’t offer any additional gameplay, I just felt the game needed another NPC to allow you to keep your friendship stat higher as you progress.

>Minor changes
I fixed a couple of bugs and made it so that the magical creatures will appear in the game sooner, previously they didn’t show up until screen 5.

So, that’s it for now. For the next step I was thinking of making each biome area have a boss at the end – so, swamp would be the hydra for example, and I’d just remove the hydra from the normal monster pool and beef him up to be worthy of a boss. I should probably make it so you can also hover the mouse over your skills/stats and equipment too for more information on those… I was also thinking I should add a new biome to add some variety, maybe a jungle.

Your saves won’t be compatible with this version, but your highscores and globaldata.dat should be.

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MLP: Everfree Roguelike – playable

The MLP: FiM Roguelike I have been working on is in a playable state, I’m not going to say it’s complete because there are certainly a lot of things I could add to the game, like way more monsters, way more random map events, more biome types, possibly more playable characters and so forth… but there’s little point in doing any of that unless there is interest in the game. But there is a lot of random content anyway, you’re unlikely to see all the special items and things in one play-through. The game was made as a challenge to myself in terms of making decent randomly generated maps, and I think in that sense it’s complete and successful – if people want me to continue with the game and add more content, then that’s great too, and I can do that 🙂

Download: Link

The game is a very basic roguelike, you move with the arrow keys – walk into things to interact with them (ie: attack monsters, talk to friendly creatures, open chests), shift + arrow keys to swap places with a friendly creatire, (G) grabs items on the ground (I) opens inventory (S) opens skill menu (X) opens skill upgrade menu – you get skill points when you level up (D) drops item (from inventory menu) (D) uses item (from inventory menu) (E) equips/unequips clothes/weapons (from inventory menu) (SPACE) is used to confirm options when in dialogue or using a skill etc. and is used to skip a turn otherwise (C) is used to cancel buying, selling or cooking. The exit of each forest area is somewhere near the top. Just keep going north until you get the flower and win! Like most roguelikes, the game will save your progress as you go, but if you die, your save is deleted, good luck 😀

Don’t stand around in swamps, you will sink
Ponies can’t swim forever, they will drown
Sweet foods heal only HP, savoury foods heal mostly MP but also a little HP
The more ingredients that go into a recipe, the more HP and/or MP it will restore
Foods you cook yourself heal much more than food you find lying around
After you eat you will have to wait for your stomach to settle before eating again
Your friendship meter shows how social you are, try to keep it high by talking to NPCs as you get a stat bonus when it is high and a stat penalty when it is very low

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Ludum Dare 25 – Blight on Happy Land

Ludum Dare 25 happened! The theme was “YOU ARE THE VILLAIN!”
Which made me think of a Mario game where you play as Bowser, and have to manage the castle traps and monsters to prevent an AI mario from rescuing the princess… but they always say throw out your first idea because it is everybody else’s first idea. Looking forward to playing that game by someone else! 😛

Second thought was a bank heist, but it would have to be a puzzle game, with several unique puzzles… which I think would be pretty hard to do.

So, instead I used the challenge as a learning opportunity, dusted off Unity and Blender, and made a cute little platform game:

The goal of each of the six levels is to destroy all of the grass tiles to destroy the happy little worlds that are inhabited by giant headed goats, puppies and bunnies. Walk over them, and they fall away, making the level more dangerous as you play. It’s a pretty simple idea, explored many times in many other games, but it was a good learning experience. And it makes me want to work on learning Unity more, I might get back into that survival thing I was working on a while ago…

Ludum Dare page: Ludum Dare page

(post compo bug fix version:)
Windows download link: Download
Play in your browser (requires Unity plugin): Web Player

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MLP Roguelike 2

Second video of progress on the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic role playing game/roguelike thing. We got combat, levelling up, skills, character selection and most importantly (maybe? where are the priorities?) saving and loading of the game. Huzzahs.

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Working on a MLP roguelike now

Yeah, I’m changing games again, but that’s how you come up with a good idea, make prototypes until you hit something really awesome. This game actually uses a lot of the stuff I coded for the tactics game, so it’s not like it’s a complete do-over. Also, it’s more in line with my epic long term goals than a tactics or survival horror game (I want to do lots of things with procedural generation :D)

So I’m making a roguelike fangame of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
This video says more!

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Working on a tactics RPG. VIDS

Why do I keep forgetting to update this?

You can see the last video of my Unity devlog here: link
And in that video I explain how I’m dropping that project to work on a cool tactical RPG ala Final Fantasy Tactics/Disgaea/Tactics Ogre etc. And I have a video more about that, here:

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We Are Alone v2

So, that’s done 😀
Improvements over the Ludum Dare 48 hour version are as follows:

  • More items, and an inventory system!
  • Caves generated with 20% more awesomeness
  • Caves are now dark and therefore spooky
  • Improved graphics
  • Vastly improved wolf AI
  • Two simple puzzles – one is randomish!
  • A total of three endings!
  • Unique abilities for each character
  • Things!
  • You can get the game here: Download

    Arrow keys move
    A = use item/select option
    S/D = change selected item
    Space = pause game
    Escape = quit

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    Devlog videos two and three, cos I forgot to post #2 here =D

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